Michael’s Law Passed the Senate today!

The first phase of Michael’s Law passed the Senate vote today!

This phase include:

1. Dual blind reporting with sanctions against the city.

2. Fines up to $750 for infractions.

3. All bouncers must be 21.

4. Receipts of 75% and above in alcohol sales makes it a 21+ establishment for patrons and employees (including bar tenders). Only exception is concert venue where 18 and up is allowed.

The next phase will address training for bouncers, bar tenders, servers and license holders along with a minimum bond/insurance requirement.

A special thanks to all of our supports who stuck with us, wrote letters to their legislators, made their voices heard and helped us accomplish this very important goal.


Michael’s Law is one step closer to becoming a new Georgia Law!

The Michael’s Law bill passed the Regulated Industries and Utilities committee today and is on its way to a quick stop in the Rules committee. It should hit the senate floor on Tuesday.

The senate added to the bill making the new powdered alcohol illegal in Georgia, too.

Thank you to all of our supporters!

Please continue to reach out to your representatives – all your effort is helping to make Michael’s Law!

Michael’s Law Passed the House Vote Today

Thank you to everyone who has supported Michael’s Law!

We have succeeded in passing the House vote today. Our next step is the Senate Vote. Then on to the Governor.

This has been a HUGE Group effort. We are deeply thankful for all of our supporters along the way. We knew this would be a long road and we truly appreciate all of your efforts including writing your congressmen, calling your representatives and not backing down on this important legislation.

Please continue to call your senator’s offices and the Governor’s office – even if you simply send an email to the Governor – it all helps show how important the legislation is to Georgians.

Click on the links along the side of this blog for easy access to contacting your senators and the Governor.

Thank you for all of your support!

Michael’s Law on the agenda at MADD Under the Dome Day

Michael’s Law will be part of the agenda at MADD Under the Dome Day on February 9, 2015 at Capitol Square Southwest in Atlanta.

State Representative, Geoff Duncan, will be presenting Michael’s Law at a Press Conference scheduled to begin at 10:30 a.m.

For more information, visit MADD Under the Dome Day

Sign the Michael’s Law petition here.

“This bill is about saving lives.”

“This is not about looking back, this is about looking forward,” said state representative Geoff Duncan. “And looking forward for ways to save lives here in Georgia. This bill is about saving lives.”

Forsyth Co. couple pushing for new law after son dies at bar

“What really ruins your life is losing your son.”

“I think if you can’t go into a bar and drink and that ruins your life, it’s time to reevaluate your life,” Mrs. Gatto said. “What really ruins your life is losing your son.”

Michael’s Law: Legislation proposed by the Gatto family

By Nadia Dreid The George-Anne staff |

Last August, 18-year-old Georgia Southern University freshman Michael Gatto died after being assaulted outside a bar near campus. His parents, Katherine and Michael Gatto, were left with their grief and the news that the bar, Rude Rudy’s, had no form of insurance that would help cover their son’s medical bills.

They also soon discovered that there was no law requiring bars or other alcohol-serving establishments to hold this type of insurance.

Their solution is Michael’s Law, a bill they are working with two Georgia legislators to craft, that Mr. and Mrs. Gatto believe will help prevent other deaths like their son’s.

The law would have three main requirements:

Read more…

Sign the Petition

CBS46 Atlanta: Teen death prompts legislative action

By Adam Murphy, adam.murphy@cbs46.com


For the first time since the brutal murder of his son five months ago, Michael Gatto received some positive news.

He learned there is overwhelming support for his idea of a new state law designed to make bars and restaurants more accountable when serving alcohol.

The Gatto’s 18-year-old son Michael was beaten by an employee of Rude Rudy’s bar in Statesboro, Georgia. He was a freshman at Georgia Southern University and had only been in college for two weeks.

“The loss is there every minute of every day and it’s a physical pain, it takes your breath away,” Michael’s mother Kathy Lee Gatto said.

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